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API continues as Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V.


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January 2nd, Emmen the Netherlands

As of January 1st, 2017 Applied Polymer Innovations (API) will continue its activities under the name Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V. with a new owner.

In recent years, besides providing R&D services, API has successfully build up the spin-off company Innofil3dD, which is a leading producer of monofilaments for 3D- printing. This new market segment has great potential and requires focus and further investments. For API there are ambitions to have a bigger market reach and to expand services. In addition, API recognizes new spin-off potentials which require new efforts and investments. The split of the two companies and their ownership was therefore a logical choice.

The new owners of Senbis Polymer Innovations are two local entrepreneurs, Mr. Gerard Nijhoving and Mr. Wilfred Hadders. Gerard Nijhoving will be the new managing director, who worked as a business developer in the past years in the field of both sustainable materials and energy. Wilfred Hadders is an experienced entrepreneur and the managing director of Sunoil Biodiesel. Both owners have worked successfully together on several projects in recent years and are devoted to further develop the organization.

Senbis Polymer Innovations will continue to offer polymer research and related services with the same team. The new owners have trust in the Technical Director Mr. Bas Krins who has over 30 years of R&D experience in this field. Mr. Krins will continue to have the end responsibility for the quality of the provided services. These services can be categorized in consultancy, laboratory analyses, pilot plant services and the production of specialty products (yarns and filaments).

In addition, Senbis is investigating new spin-off activities together with partners. An example of such an initiative is the development of a fully compostable polymer (PLA) twine used in the horticulture industry. In recent years, the team gained a lot of knowledge on the application of different biopolymers and is constantly discovering new opportunities.

More information on the services of Senbis Polymer Innovations can be found on the new website. www.senbis.com

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