Partisol (Particles In Solution)

Partisol explained Polution in polymeric samples come in various kinds and shapes. The Partisol technique (Particles In Solution) first dissolves the polymer matrix after which a steady flow through a small cuvet is established. A microscope is placed perpendicular on the cuvet so the tiniest particles can be detected (down to 1μm). By making 25 […]

Hot stage microscopy (HSM)

Hot stage microscopy explained Hot-stage microscopy (HSM), is a combination of microscopy and thermal analysis. It enables us to study polymers at high magnifications and elevated temperatures. This way we can actually see crystallization and melting processes. Also, particle size, particle morphology and crystallization kinetics can be determined with the addition of polarization filters. Our […]

Birefringence measurement of yarns (Sénarmont method)

Birefringence measurement of yarns explained The overall orientation in yarns as induced by the spin-draw process can be quantified by measuring the birefringence (Dn). For the determination of the birefringence, 20 single filaments from a multifilament yarn are prepared in such a way that the cross-sections are cut under an angle of approximately 45°. A […]

Filament Count and cross section analyses

Filament Count and cross section analyses explained The amount of filaments in a multifilament yarn can be counted by means of light microscope imaging. Next to the amount of filaments the cross-sections shape of filaments can be visualized and cross section diameter distributions can be determined.