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Our polymer solutions

Our products and solutions focus on reducing microplastic pollution and carbon emissions from plastics. See below for our available products and solutions that are still in development. 

Agriculture & Greenery

In the agriculture and horticulture industry plastic ropes, yarns and films are often used to support the growing process or to protect plants and seeds. These plastic products often end up in the environment or they prevent the plants at the end of the season to be composted.

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Ropes from plastics such as Nylon are widely used in the marine enviornment, where they are often worn off or disposed as a whole. Senbis offers solutions that biodegrade in the marine environment according to ISO14851.

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Many sport fields are made from artificial turf and grass yarns and use unsustinable infills such as old car tyres. Senbis offers in-soil degradable alternatives that prevent microplastic accumulation.

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The majority of textile fibers are made from synthetics. Synthetic textiles are the number one contributor of microplastic pollution in our oceans. In addition, they are mostly made from virgin fossile fuel and therefore contribute to carbon emissions.

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Sustainable Development Goals

With our sustainable products we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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