Biodegradable trimmerline – GreenLine

In-soil degradable trimmerline

The need for a biodegradable trimmerline

Municipalities, park services and home owners worldwide use grass trimmers to cut grass and other plants near objects, or on steep or irregular terrain. The trimmer line is worn of and cut into very small pieces while trimming the grass or plants. Through the use of trimmer lines thousands of tons of microplastics are disposed in the environment every year. Senbis has developed an eco-friendly alternative: GreenLine.


GreenLine is made from bioplastics

GreenLine is made of innovative bioplastics that biodegrade into humus, water and CO2 (degradation speed varies depending on the environment). Unlike oxo-degradable trimmer lines, which facilitate the disintegration but do not fully degrade, GreenLine does not lead to any microplastics accumulation.

No microplastic accumulation in nature

GreenLine is biodegradable. It degrades into humus, CO2 and water through bacteria and funghi in the ground. Therefore, microplastic accumulation in nature is avoided.


The performance of GreenLine is comparable to the performance of the conventional Nylon trimmerlines.


After the GreenLine has been used the spool can be reused.

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