Compostable horticulture twine

Compostable twine

Compostable twine saves waste stream handling costs

Senbis has developed a compostable twine/ rope for the horticulture industry for growing tomatoes, cucumber and bell peppers.

As the twine is fully industrial compostable it saves a grower significant costs in the waste stream handling. At the end of the year the plants have to be shredded and disposed. If conventional plastic twine is used the plants cannot be composted as the plastic twine is intermingled in the plants.

The performance of the twine is comparable to the conventional twine and brings no disadvantages.

Industrial compostable according to EN 13432

100% biobased

Very high UV resistance

Relative high creep resistance

Current status

This product has been fully developed by Senbis and has been extensively tested in glass houses for multiple years together with industry partners.

The horticulture distributor Royal Brinkmann sells the product exclusively under the brandname BioValent.

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