Ubbelohde viscometer

Ubbelohde viscometer

Ubbelohde viscometer explained Even though the ubbelohde viscometer principle is quite old, the technique is still widely used. The digitalized variant we use is able to measure a very wide range of different polymers. First the polymer is dissolved in a solvent which is not harmful to the polymer chains. Then a blank is measured […]

MFI & MVR (Melt Flow Index & Melt Volume Rate)

MFI & MVR explained The melt flow index (MFI) is a basic analyses to get a sense of the flow behavior of thermoplastic polymers. The MFI value is a widely used parameter for selecting polymer grades for a certain application. In principle this method is quite simple, The polymer is loaded into the barrel and […]

Haake Polylab combined with Göttfert rheotens

Haake Polylab combined with Göttfert rheotens

Haake Polylab combined with Göttfert rheotens explained Using the same configuration as the filament extrusion line, our Haake is also capable of measuring the melt strength of thermoplastics with the Göttfert rheotens. The rheotens, is mounted underneath the capillary die. When a constant flow of polymer is established, the rheotens draws on the extruded filament. […]

Brookfield Rheometer

Brookfield Rheometer explained This apparatus measures flow behavior of low viscosity fluids by means of a rotating disc of defined dimensions. The resistance of the rotating disc is measured and is proportional to the liquids viscosity. Thixotropic, rheopectic, newtonian and non-newtonian flow behavior can be determined with this device. Viscosity data obtained with this method […]

Capillary rheometer Göttfert

Capillary rheometer Göttfert explained With the Göttfert 2002 capillary rheometer it becomes possible to gather rheological knowledge about a polymer melt. Capillary rheometry is a technique whereby a sample undergoes extrusion through a die of defined dimensions. The shear pressure drop across the die is monitored at set volumetric flow rates and temperature. The induced […]

Rheometrics Dynamic Spectrometer (RDS)

Rheometrics Dynamic Spectrometer explained The Rheometrics Dynamic Spectrometer (RDS) is an oscillatory rheometer by which viscous-elastic properties of the polymer melt can be measured between two oscillating plates (both parallel- and cone-plate available). This technique is very suitable to obtain rheological data in the lower shear rate range (appr. 0.1-15 s-1), using only very limited […]

DMA – Dynamic mechanical analysis

DMA explained A SEIKO Dynamic mechanical spectrometer Extar 6100 is available to you at Senbis Polymer Innovations. The DMA can be used for research on the viscoelastic behavior of polymer specimen. The DMA is able to apply a defined oscillatory force to a test specimen, the strain or displacement is subsequently measured. Typical parameters that […]