Evaluating recycled PET grades and making them Fit for Purpose.

Senbis’s whitepaper provides in-depth insights how recycled PET (rPET) can be evaluated and modified to convert the polymer into rPET based products that are ‘Fit for Purpose’. During PET production, product use and PET recycling, the PET product quality can deteriorate significantly by: Thermal degradation Chemical and mechanical attack The presence of contaminants The whitepaper […]

Senbis starts development of a biodegradable Engineering Plastic

It is the core mission of Senbis to develop innovative solutions for microplastic problems by utilizing the opportunities with biodegradable polymers. Based on the current biodegradable polymers that are commercially and large scale available, it is very difficult to design products with high mechanical and thermal properties. This is inherent to the molecular design and […]

Bioplastics are the #1 emerging technology for 2019

The World Economic Forum has identified bioplastics for a circular economy as the number 1 emerging technology for 2019. An international steering committee of leading technology experts have evaluated the most emerging technologies of 2019. Criteria were among others: the potential to provide major benefits to societies and economies the potential to alter established ways […]

Publicatie in Agro & Chemie

Agro & Chemie is het platform voor ondernemen in de biobased economy in Nederland en Vlaanderen. Via dit platform is onderstaand artikel verschenen over Senbis Polymer Innovations betreffend de overname van API en vanwege de verdere ontwikkelingen van applicaties op basis van biopolymeren.  Schat aan ervaring in polymeerchemie Auteur(s): Adriaan van Hooijdonk Publicatiedatum: 21-03-2017Artikelnummer: 19334Link: http://www.agro-chemie.nl/artikelen/schat-aan-ervaring-polymeerchemie/   Applied Polymer […]