Haake Polylab Filament Extruder

Haake Polylab Filament Extruder explained

The Haake polylab system is a versatile piece of laboratory equipment. Its base consists of a powerfull motor and a torque measurement device. On this base unit an extruder module can be attached. This module is equipped with a Fasti resin drying to ensure that the extrudable polymer stays dry and won’t suffer from thermo-oxidative degradation. For filament extrusion a melt pump is added to the configuration, to guarantee an accurate and constant flow. Several capillary dies can be attached ranging in size from 0.3 mm up to 3.6 mm (see table below for all capillaries). Piloting filaments including monofilaments for the 3D printing industry is possible for almost every thermoplastic. We can produce samples on a bobbin with various diameters (including 1.75 and 2.85 mm). For pilot plant scale (25 – 100 kg) monofilament production we recommend our small-scale monofilament spinning machine. Please contact us for industrial scale monofilament production.

For larger scale yarn productions we recommend our technical yarn spin-draw-winding (SDW) spinning machine. Please contact us for industrial scale yarn production because we can provide services on this level too.

Also when using this configuration, rheological data can be acquired. This data gives insights in the rheology of an actual extrusion process. Making improvements in your process easy to test on a laboratory scale.

Length (mm)Diameter (mm)L/D Length (mm)Diameter (mm)L/D 20.00.540.0
5.00.510.0 36.03.610.0
15.00.530.0 60.02.524.0

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