Hyper DSC (up to 500K/min)

Hypers DSC explained

Our hyper DSC, used for measuring polymeric samples by using very high heating and cooling rates, allows to spot transitions easier. Another practical application of this method is heating crystalline polymers above the temperature nuclei free (TNF) and quench it so an amorphous solid is obtained. This amorphous state can then be subjected to ordinary heating and cooling rates to analyze crystallization kinetics for example.

The intrinsic disadvantage of this method is that transition temperatures can be shifted by a multitude of degrees from the actual transition temperature. In some cases transitions like crystallization are skipped entirely and not visible at all. Therefore it is recommended to conduct an ordinary DSC measurement in addition to hyper DSC measurements.

 The apparatus we use is capable of reaching a heating and cooling rates of 500 K/min and reaches sub zero temperatures.

Key specifications

Temperature range -90 to 750°C
Heating rate500 °C/min
Cooling rate (to 300 °C)100 °C/min
Cooling rate (to 120 °C)50 °C/min
Cooling rate (to -20 °C)20 °C/min
Cooling rate (to -50 °C)10 °C/min
Cooling rate (to  -75 °C)5 °C/min
Cooling rate (to  -90 °C)2 °C/min

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