Mechanical properties of polymer yarns and filaments

Mechanical properties of polymer yarns and
filaments explained

With the Instron 5564 tensile tester we’re able to test the mechanical properties of yarns and cords according to ASTM D-885 and BISFA 2004 ch 7 or on customer defined specifications. All measurements are standard done at 5 specimen (n=5) and average values are reported. Next to standard stress-strain measurements we offer time to failure measurements and hysteresis measurements at room temperature or elevated temperatures.

Pneumatic yarn/cord gripMax load: 2400N
Cord Capstan gripMax load 2.5 kN
Environmental ChamberOperating temperature 50°C – 150 °C
Loadcells10 N, 100 N, 1 kN, 2 kN and 10 kN

Example of a stress-strain graph in which the tensile properties of different yarns are compared:

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