Bico multifilament pilot spinning line

In 2020 Senbis Group invested into afully equipped new multiflament spinning machine via its subsidiary SPIC Facilities B.V.. The line is operational since 2022. On this pilot line both techincal yarns as textile yarns can be made. As we can use our bicomponent extruder set up with two different sized extruders we can offer a wide variety in througput and linear density (dtex/denier).

The machine can be used to develop fiber spinning grades from new (bio)polymers or recycled polymers, both for techncial applications as textiles. In an offline second step we can cut the yarns up to specification for e.g. staple fiber applications or we can texturize the yarns.

Bico extruder:

Spin pack:

Blow box, chimney and optionally a quench collar.

Draw panel:

Please contact us if you are interested in performing trials on this fully equipped line!

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