Drawing of Polymer Yarns and Monofilaments

The drawing of polymer yarns is a running process in wich the draw ratio is obtained by varying the speed of the godets. With our draw frame it becomes possible to process monofilaments and multifilament yarns in a 2-step process, however, we have a flexible setup consisting of 3 fixed godets, a mobile godet, a hot pin, a hot plate, a temperature gradient plate and a 3 meter long oven. Next to that the godets can be heated.

The standard setup consists of a creel, godet 1, hot pin, godet 2, oven, godet 3, winder. However this setup can be extended with various equipment like a intermingler, spin finish applicator, kiss-roller etc. Possibilities are unlimited. You can even fit in your own equipment.

The draw frame is used to obtain information about the maximum draw ratio of yarns and to gather information of the draw ratio, yarn tension and the influence on the tenacity of the drawn yarns.

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Drawing of Polymer Yarns and Monofilaments

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