Monofilament pilot spinning line

Senbis Group invested via its subsidiary SPIC Facilities B.V.  in a fully equipped new monofilament line, with the following capabilities. This line is operational since Q1 2022.

General information:
Technical monofilaments of a wide range of diamenters can be developed and produced on these machines. There is an option to use different drawing technology to improve mechanical performance of the filaments. Also a lot of winding felxibility is available. Of cours it is also possbile to make filaments without a winding step.

To feed the monofilament line we can choose between two types of extrusion feed. Please click on the extruder for more information.

Technical specification of the monofilament line with the bico extruder and drawing frame installed:

Spin pack:


Drawing line:

Drawing speed up to 100 m/minWinding on reels, fully flexible with respect to dimensions, 8 positions

Please contact us if you are interested in performing trials on this fully equipped line!

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