Twin screw extruder pilot (KraussMaffei 28)

Senbis Group invested through its subsidiary SPIC Facilities B.V. in a fully equipped new twin screw extruder, the KraussMaffei ZE28 BluePower. This machine is operational since Q1 2022. 

The twin screw extruder can be used to produce compounds of (bio)polymers in combination with additives (liquid, powder or granulates). We can also use this twin screw extruder to feed our monofilament line.

Twin screw extruder: 28 mm, 42D, 1200 rpm
Temperature up to 420 °C
Three dosing units, throughput 10 kg/h, 30 kg/h and 50 kg/h respectively
Liquid injection available
Side feeder available
Vacuum available
Filtration of the melt is an option. Filtration screen can be manually changed during processing
Water bath: temperature up to 90 °C. Temperature is regulated.

Please contact us if you are interested in performing trials on this machinery!

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