Internship and Graduation Program Applied Polymer Research

At Senbis, students have the possibility to be actively involved in important (sub)research. Working with a unique set of R&D machinery, laboratory and a team of polymer experts boosts the learning curve of interns. We offer an internship program to work on different topics and technologies and a graduation program to focus on one specific R&D topic.

Many research efforts are focusing on 3D printing and biopolymer applications, mostly in the form of mono- or multifilaments. Senbis is developing these products to realize new ‘spin-off’ business activities. Some important topics for the spin-off efforts concern:

These topics typically require to gather information, and then tune the following parameters:

Internship program

During the internship program different polymer shaping techniques and analyses are learned and will be applied on the above mentioned topics. Important shaping techniques that are worked with are melt spinning of multifilament yarns and (laboratory)extrusion of monofilaments (for e.g. 3D printing). The after treatment of filaments on ‘drawing lines’ (stretching) will be used as an important technology that gives orientation to polymer crystals which influences e.g. mechanical properties of the products. A wide range of laboratory analyses need to be utilized such as thermal, mechanical, rheological and physical structure analysis. It can also concern the use of 3D printers to investigate the printability of the polymer blends.

Graduation program

During the graduation program the knowledge gained during the earlier internship is very helpful to dive more scientifically into one of the major topics for our spin-off projects. Examples of current research questions are:

Activities during the internship or graduation program

Got interested? Please send us your CV and motivation letter to [email protected] or upload your documents on this page. We are looking forward to hearing from you!