Bico multifilament pilot spinning line

Bico multifilament pilot | Machine

In 2020 Senbis Group invested into afully equipped new multiflament spinning machine via its subsidiary SPIC Facilities B.V.. The line is operational since 2022. On this pilot line both techincal yarns as textile yarns can be made. As we can use our bicomponent extruder set up with two different sized extruders we can offer a wide […]

Small scale spinning machine

Electrically heated small-scale spinning machine used for proof-of-principle (PoP) experiments.This equipment is ideal for exploring the ‘spinnability’ of polymers. Also it allows users to get first fiber samples to analyze properties to get a feeling of the potential.  Different types of screws are available in order to process different kinds of polymers. Extrusion temperatures up […]

Small scale drawing line

The drawing of polymer mono- and multifilaments is a running process in which the draw ratio is obtained by varying the speed of the godets. This process provides orientation in the polymeric structure of the filament(s) which typically leads to improved mechanical properties. This R&D drawing set-up is ideal for experiments with multifilament yarns and […]